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This site showcases my 1987 Chevy stepside.

1987 was the last year of this body style and this style of stepside bed.

The pic's. are to show how my truck looked when it was new and all the modification's performed on it by Me!

So let's go cruzin'.

Oh yeah! Dont forget to sign my guest book at the end of the road.


Racing Information
I only race my truck for fun and to see my performance improvements if any, i ran the 1/4 mile with it when i first bought it. To get the stock base line numbers so that i could compare them to numbers after a major modification had been completed.
To see the stock and mod, ET'S go to the truck mods page.

For owners of the '73 thru '87 chevy truck
If you are a new owner of a truck of this vintage or have owned one since new like me. CONGRATULATIONS! You own a kool truck that has alot of options for customizing it into a bad ass sportruck. they are quickly becoming more popular, as new truck price's sore out of sight. And the aftermarket manufactures are making more and more kool custom parts than ever before to fit them.

This site created Feb. 2002